Please find answers to some of our more frequently asked questions (FAQs). We will keep adding more answers as we find more common questions to benefit all our shoppers’ concerns regarding buying with The Vinyl Store.

Are Your Records New?

Answer:  Yes we buy direct from record distributors as new. If any item you purchase appears not to be new for any reason please contact us.

Where can I find your shop?

Answer: We are a pure online shop with no physical retail space. We are run out of Sydney and our warehouse is currently in the Hills District of NSW.

I don’t have a PayPal account how can I pay?

Answer: It does not matter if you have a current Paypal account our checkout works with your bank to take deposits and make refunds via the Paypal Express Checkout interface. We do ask if you have an old PayPal account that you check the delivery address that gets passed to our ecommerce system as we often get old addresses that need fixing. Please contact us if any issues. See also the payment page. We also offer now direct credit card processing with most major brands.

Does it cost more to ship more than 1 record?

Answer: No. As long as you purchase within the same session we ship at a flat rate as shown (currently either standard or express post via Australia Post in Australia)

When will I receive my purchase?

Answer: Please see our Shipping Page.

What is your return policy?

Answer: Please see our returns policy page.

I bought a Gift Card and it has not been received. Where is it?

Answer: Firstly please check your spam folder or ask the recipient to check your spam folder. If not found please contact us and we will re-issue and apologise for any delays or inconvenience to Birthday/Event message timing. It was likely a technical error.

I have a gift card can I confirm my balance?

Answer: Yes, please use our online tool to check your balance. Just enter your Gift Card code.

I made an order but did not receive my order confirmation; where is it?

Answer: Firstly please check your spam folder. If not found please contact us and we can reissue (apologies if this was not sent).

I have made my order but have not received delivery tracking. Where is it?

Answer: If it has not been sent you can check your order tracking number via our online tool (you just need your order number and the email used to make a purchase) and if has been posted the tracking number will be shown. You can then enter it into the Australia Post tracking tool. We recommend you set up an Aus Post free account so you can then receive tracking notifications and even redirect it. We also refer to our Shipping Page regarding typical turnaround times for picking and packing your purchase. If outside our norms please contact us.

What is the difference between reissues, remastering, and original pressings?

Answer: Vinyl record reissues, remastering, and original pressings are all terms associated with the production and distribution of vinyl records. Each term represents a different aspect of the manufacturing and audio quality of the records. Here’s an overview of what each term means:

    1. Original Pressings: Original pressings refer to the initial batch of vinyl records produced when an album or single is first released. These records are made using the original master tapes or sources, and they are typically considered the most authentic representation of the artist’s intended sound. Original pressings are often sought after by collectors and audiophiles due to their historical significance and potential for superior audio quality. However, the condition of original pressings can vary depending on factors such as age, storage conditions, and handling.
    2. Reissues: Reissues are subsequent releases of an album or single on vinyl after the initial pressing. Reissues can occur for various reasons, such as meeting increased demand, commemorating anniversaries, or capitalizing on the resurgence of vinyl’s popularity. When a record is reissued, it may be produced from the same master tapes as the original pressing or from a different source, such as digital files. The quality of reissues can vary depending on the care taken during the reissue process, the mastering techniques used, and the quality of the source material.
    3. Remastering: Remastering involves the process of enhancing or improving the audio quality of a recording for a specific format, such as vinyl. It typically involves transferring the original master tapes to a digital format, where audio engineers can adjust the sound by equalizing frequencies, reducing noise, and optimizing dynamics. The goal of remastering is to present the music in the best possible way for the chosen format while maintaining the original character and intent of the recording. Remastered vinyl records can provide improved sound quality compared to their original pressings, especially when the original pressings suffered from technical limitations or degradation over time.

It’s worth noting that the quality of a vinyl record is influenced by various factors, including the skill of the mastering engineer, the condition of the original recordings, the pressing plant’s quality control, the vinyl formulation, and the overall manufacturing process. While original pressings are often valued for their historical significance and potential audio quality, well-executed reissues and remastered versions can also offer exceptional sound reproduction and accessibility.

Ultimately, the choice between original pressings, reissues, or remastered editions depends on personal preference, availability, and the specific details of each release. Audiophiles and collectors often appreciate the unique qualities of original pressings, while others may find reissues or remastered versions to be more accessible and enjoyable.

What If I have a small warp in my record – should I be worried?

Small warps in vinyl records are fairly common and can occur due to various factors such as temperature changes, improper storage, or manufacturing defects. While they may affect the aesthetic appearance of the record and cause slight distortions in playback, many small warps are still playable without significant impact on sound quality. However, larger warps or severe deformities can cause tracking issues, skips, or even damage to the stylus and should be addressed with caution. Proper handling, storage, and maintenance can help minimize the risk of warping, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable listening experience.

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