Yesterday's Gone (LP, Includes Digital Download)



Cat No: AMF0007
Barcode: 602557276824
Released: 20 January 2017


Yesterday’s Gone (LP, Includes Digital Download)

“Yesterday’s Gone” is the debut studio album by British rapper and songwriter Loyle Carner, released on January 20, 2017, by AMF Records. The album features guest appearances from Kwes, Tom Misch, Rebel Kleff, and his mother Jean Coyle-Larner.

The LP includes 15 tracks that showcase Carner’s introspective and personal lyricism, exploring themes of family, relationships, grief, and self-discovery. Musically, the album draws influences from jazz, soul, and hip-hop, with a laid-back and melancholic sound that complements Carner’s storytelling.

The album received critical acclaim and was nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2017. It has been praised for its honesty and vulnerability, as well as for its musical and poetic qualities. Overall, “Yesterday’s Gone” is a powerful and emotive debut that established Loyle Carner as one of the most promising voices in British hip-hop.


1. The Isle Of Arran
2. Mean It In The Morning
3. 44
4. Damselfly (Ft. Tom Misch)
5. Ain’t Nothing Changed
6. Swear
7. Florence (Ft. Kwes)
8. The Seamstress (Tooting Masala)
9. Stars & Shards

1. No Worries (Ft. Rebel Kleff And Jehst)
2. Rebel 101
3. No CD (Ft. Rebel Kleff)
4. Mrs C
5. Sun Of Jean (Ft. Mum And Dad)
6. Yesterday’s Gone